Is it just me or does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

Is Hulk Hogan a racists or pissed father?

What I read of the situation is He was not happy with some action of his daughter’s boyfriend and in VERY human moment he used a very volatile word.  I agree he had issue with her choice in men, not necessarily his race.  Jamie Foxx has a song in which one of the lyrics is, “She ain’t dealing with no broke niggas… I ain’t saying you a gold digger”.  Something to that effect. It’s a catchy beat… Point is the N- word is in our vocabulary. We hear it, we see it. I don’t think using it necessarily makes anyone a racists. How it is said and our actions is what deciphers us.  My uncle is Black. I asked him how he prefers to be referred as: Black, African American, or …. ? He said, Oh I don’t care nothing about that, just don’t call me late to dinner. No, just be respectful and treat me like I treat you; with respect & kindness”, and he laughs his sweet Alabama laugh. My uncle is 73. My white Aunt married to him for 45 years has been known to say to him, Nigger please,  when he says something outrageous or lies and she knows he’s lying. My Aunt and Uncle adore each other. They have been through Hell together and for a long time he put her through hell. She loved him still and they made it through. I have heard him tell her when she says something silly and she does, What are you talking about you crazy white lady?   They have me in stitches.  Laughing at either doesn’t make me a racists. It means I have a sense of humor and my parents taught me young, they are just words unless you act out against someone because of the color of their skin, their religion, their culture. Then you are a biggot!”

Equally, I had a boss who is Black/African American that would say, “You don’t have to be black to be a nigger. Believe me they come in all colors”.  I think perhaps Hulk Hogan would just as much prefer his daughter to be with a rich Honky as he would in that moment a rich Anything, including the slurred Nigger he used.

If it is so wrong for anyone of another race to call someone a nigger, a honky, a spic, or the thousands of other cultural slurs as they are Then I think its time we stop using them when speaking to each other. And that’s from a a Honky whose beans fall thru the grill and dances for rain, eats Corned Beef Stew and drinks out of German Mugs and cannot eat Asian food with western utensils (they must be Chopsticks).

Where did you say you where from?

My parents called us every name in the Cutural book. I asked my dad why. He said, Because they are just words mija. We wanted to take the power out of their meaning so when people out there said nasty things because you are a Half breed  you wouldn’t be hurt by it (or being referred to as a dog with that half breed term). I am more than bi-racial. I am Mexican, I am Native American Indian, I am German, and Irish, and one of my Grandfathers is from a country that has been taken over, reclaimed and taken again. When he left it was Yugoslavia. So is he, am I Slavic or Serbian?

It comes down to this….

See here,  I don’t think it matters at the end of any day…. Because We are all no different than variations of Flowers and trees, birds and fishes.  Our color, Our Cultures, Our Sexual Orientation, Sexual Self Perception, Our region of the world & Our religions are all only ice breakers, convesation starters, experiences to share and learn from & about.

A Native American folklore is that Peace will not occur on Earth till we are all of the same Mixed up race. So we can all stop calling each other names or get caught using them knowing they don’t mean anything more than How or why they are said.

I knew when someone did something stupid, it was because they were stupid not because they were Black or Asian, Hispanic or from Mars.  So call me what you will, it makes no difference to me. But set me on fire because my tan is darker than yours, or insult my Grandparents legacy because they were born on the other side of a fence,  I will defend myself & their legacy.

Words strewn together can be Mighty Hateful

Comments made by a certain Business Man wanting to Represent Us as a Nation in the Republican Party (til they figure out how to extract him) aren’t necessarily hurtful as an Individual with no common sense but Is very hurtful when you put together his comments made over time. Not the short time he’s been running but the long term of his candored opinions of Blacks and Mexicans and who else.  He doesn’t hurt me cause his comments are not true of me. Or you. He makes generalizations. I don’t want to say stereotypes because that to me means everyone of that race, Nationality, culture or Religion is known to do XYZ.  The things he has said of Blacks being lazy no work ethic is not true as a whole. Same can be said of people in any race, so why target Blacks specifically?

He  says he represents the American People. No Sir, you do not. You do not represent my veiws, my values, my moral compass. The reason you are doing well is called Power of Attraction or that which resists persists. Negative attention is still attention. Let the 5 year old with the hairpiece throw his tantrum in the corner and pay him no mind.

He has said enough for me to see him as a racists and someone that would set us back and have us in World War III before the ink dries at his Inauguration.

Eight years ago Hulk Hogan made comments in a single conversation in regards to a personal relationship concerning his daughter. It has not been repeated. Nothing new has been said. He is 61 years old. In 61 years one bad choice of words flew out of his mouth in a heat of passion, I would pressume it was an impassioned moment about his daughter’s situation whatever it was, whatever was going on between them. { Yes, I become very passionate about my kids especially when I think someone isn’t treating them right or well. Don’t you?}

Donald J {ackass} Trump makes comments Constantly which are insulting, unfair, and biased. And yes he has been Fired from NBC, Macy’s, the Pageant. And yet his popularity is growing.. I don’t understand this. I didn’t always dislike Mr. Trump. I thought business wise I could learn from him. Then I learned he hunts African Wildlife for game & bragging rights. Disgusting!  Then he started letting his ass overload his mouth with his recent comments. Then I learned but wasn’t surprised that he has been making racial stereotypical comments for sometime, as in a number of years.

So the General Lee has been fired from TV Land because of the Confederate Flag & Hulk Hogan for a heated remark 8 years ago but Donald Trump is still leading in the PRESIDENTIAL GOP polls….How?


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